Digital Marketing for Toronto Small Business

How can online marketing help you find local customers?

You’ve heard digital marketing is powerful, but how does it apply to your small business here in Toronto? With so many tools, from SEO to Instagram stories, where do you start?

I work with clients to build a digital marketing roadmap for their business. This journey often starts with a website, your company’s “home base” where people come to learn more and take their first action toward becoming customers. From there, we explore the most effect online tools to meet new clients and stay connected with existing ones.

Working together, we’ll focus on ways to reach new customers right here in your neighbourhood or city.

A well-made site not only tells people about your business. It also helps people find you, builds trust and guides curious visitors to become customers.

Copywriting for web isn't just about captivating potential new clients. An SEO-focused copywriter can also help your site show up in more online searches.

By sharing some of your expertise online for free, you earn people's trust. Plus, you increase the keywords on your website and give people articles worth sharing with their friends.

How do search engines like Google decide where your website ranks in their search results? They consider tech factors like being mobile responsive and accessible, plus they look for the most valuable content.

Digital is great, but sometimes you need a physical business card, flyer or booklet. The right promotional material is eye-catching, informative and captures the look and feel of your brand.

Social media is popular, but your customers are split across the different platforms. On the other hand, almost everyone has an email address and most people check it every day.

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My Recent Projects

Triple Check Inspections

This clean one-page website makes great use of animation to enhance their message, not distract from it.

Mortgage Warehouse

A clean, minimalist website, plus ongoing SEO-boosting content formatting and scheduling.

Tara Inn

When your pub is a local hub, it’s good to have an event calendar and a customizable food menu on your site.

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