Hi, I'm Shayla
and I tell stories

Digital Illustration & Motion Design

Before we learn to speak and read, most of us interact with the world on a visual level. That’s why visual art is such a powerful storytelling element, whether it’s an infographic that helps simplify a complex idea into something intuitive or an approachable character that emotionally connects viewers to a theme or narrative.

I work as a Digital Illustrator and Motion Designer as part of LyricVids.com. Our team creates promotional videos for international corporations and lyric videos for major artists like Drake, Jason Derulo, Stevie Nicks and H.E.R. Building on our clients’ work and my Art Directors’ storyboards, I create characters, worlds and frame-by-frame animated sequences that take the overall message and story to another level.

Interested in adding a graphical element or illustration to one of your projects? I also accept freelance contracts! Please contact me and we can discuss your needs.


When I’m not illustrating stories, I’m writing them in the form of novels and short-stories. I’m drawn to the speculative, science fiction and fantasy genres for their potential to explore emotions and human nature at a deeper theoretical level. 

If you’re interested in reading some of my upcoming writing, please sign up for my emailing list. I have previous experience in SEO writing and promotional copywriting, but am not currently accepting freelance writing work at this time.

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