Beautiful, easy-to-update websites that make your life a little simpler.

Websites made easy

It isn’t enough for a website to just look attractive. When a site is too difficult to update, little problems start building up—like broken links or outdated hours of operation—and they turn even the fanciest website stale and unhelpful.

That’s why my focus is creating websites that are easy for everyday people to manage and update, with no coding or tech skills required!

Attractive & Responsive

Make a great first impression with a beautiful, easy-to-navigate website that looks as good on a phone as on a desktop.

Easy to Maintain

My websites are set up to be easy for you to update and maintain with no special tech knowledge required!


Your new website is environmentally responsible, because I carbon offset both my office and my clients’ web hosting.

If you can use an email account, you already have all the computer know-how you need to manage your own website.

Mortgage Warehouse

A clean, minimalist design for a Mortgage Broker who likes to keep things personal and simple.

Tara Inn

When your pub is a local hub, it’s good to have an event calendar and a customizable food menu on your site.

Tara Shannon

A minimalist site with soothing shades sets the right tone for this Toronto psychotherapist.


This GTA arborist’s website includes some playful design elements without sacrificing user-friendliness.

The Derma Bar

This client’s website includes an Instagram feed preview, newsletter sign-up form and custom service page template.

Neighbourhood Plumbing

As well being fully accessible and mobile responsive, the site has search engine optimized copy and ongoing content creation.

About Me

I made my first website when I was twelve years old. At that time, having my own space on the web was like having a second bedroom to decorate and express myself in.

Since that time, I’ve always been involved in web work in some way—keeping an online journal or a poetry blog as a teenager, working as a web editor throughout university, updating/debugging the website and e-store of a local business and now helping small business owners take charge of their own web presence.

I know websites can seem complicated, but they don’t have to be. When I create a custom site for a client with WordPress, it’s set up to be intuitive and simple for them to update on their own without needing to pay for constant tech help. I want my clients to feel empowered and confident using their new sites, without fear of breaking anything, and to know they always have someone they can reach out to if they have any questions or problems.

And for those who like the nerdy talk: I’m a WordPress developer creating custom themes with client-focused interfaces using HTML, CSS/SASS, Bootstrap 4 and some basic PHP, jQuery and JavaScript.

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