A Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Business

Digital marketing strategy is completely different for small businesses than it is for large, global companies. After all, a thousand followers and website visitors from Texas are useless to a brick-and-mortar store here in Toronto.

Fortunately, there are many ways to optimize your website to attract neighbourhood traffic and build a local following.

Working together to grow your business

Many business owners reach out to me for specific projects, like a website or promotional materials. However, I also often meet with people who are interested in general marketing and want to discuss their options.

At our free initial consultation, we’ll discuss things like:

  • What are your specific goals for your business (e.g. more in-store customers, more email subscribers)?
  • How will we measure the success of our marketing efforts?
  • Who is your business’s audience? What does your ideal customers or client look like? How do we reach a demographic like that?
  • How can we build your networking circle? Who can refer clients to you? Who can you help by referring clients?
  • Which online tools and strategies will be most effective to meet your goals and reach new clients?
  • What IRL (in real life, as opposed to online) actions can you do to help promote your business?

What will our digital marketing strategy look like?

Our strategy depends on what resources your business already has, your industry and your goals. Based on that, I may suggest tools and projects including:

  • Setting up a website as a central “home base” for all our online efforts. An effective website will tell visitors all the basic information they need to know, plus guide them to become customers. Websites also help us monitor our efforts to see what efforts are working and what we need to change.
  • Optimizing your website to boost search engine traffic. There are many things that affect your website’s SEO (search engine optimization). The first step is making sure your website is set up properly (if I didn’t design it). Other tools include claiming your Google Business Listing, building new links and creating ongoing content.
  • Using social media to meet new clients and/or keep in touch with existing ones. All social media platforms have different costs/benefits and appeal to a different audience. Therefore, we need to weigh which platforms are the best fit for our goals.
  • Sending out marketing emails to stay connected with customers and let them know about your news and promotions.
  • The Internet is great, but sometimes physical promo material like a flyer or brochure is still the best tool. A well-designed pamphlet is important, but so is how you get it out into the world.

Ready to work together? Need more information? Send me an email today and let’s talk!