SEO & Content Creation

When someone Googles “[your business] near me,” you want to be one of the first businesses Google suggests. But how does that happen? How do search engines decide which websites to rank in which order? And what can you do to help your website get ranked higher up?

The answer is Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

There are three major components SEO for your website:

I’ve written a full article outlining why each one is so important. Here’s how I can help you get your website climb higher up the Google ladder:

Testing to provide the best user experience (UX)

You know where to find all the information on your own website. But is that because it’s well designed or simply because you’re familiar with it? A UX consultation can point out any issues that are confusing or repelling visitors—which in turn affects your SEO.

A UX consultation will check for issues including:

  • How you communicate what your business does and what services it provides
  • How easy your website is to navigate
  • Is your text easily skimmable?
  • Are links and buttons easy to find and click?
  • How readable is your website text and copy?

Checking the technical details of your website

Search engines take into account a number of technical details that you may not notice when viewing your website from your computer.

But is your site displaying correctly for visitors looking at it on their cell phones? Can people with disabilities who use screen readers find all the information they need on your site? Are search engines punishing you because your website isn’t fully responsive or accessible?

A website tech test can provide the answer.

Your website tech test will answer questions like:

  • Does my website display properly across desktop computer, tablet and mobile phone?
  • Is my website fully accessible for people with visual, hearing or cognitive disabilities and/or people who use screen readers?
  • How fast is my website? Are there any unnecessary scripts running? Are all of my images properly formatted?
  • Is my site secured with an encrypted connection?
  • Is my metadata set up properly?

Ongoing, click-worthy content creation

If you’re serious about improving your search engine ranking, creating unique, valuable content is the most effective tool. Posting articles or keeping a blog increases the number of keywords on your site. But more than that, it gives people a reason to visit your site, stay longer on it and share it with their friends.

Many business owners are too busy to write regular posts or aren’t confident in their writing ability. By working with a capable content creator, you can ensure steady, high-quality writing that reflects your expertise.

My content creation services include:

  • Adding a blog or “What’s New?” section to your existing website
  • Producing search engine optimized articles for your website. This process includes:
    • Meeting in person or by phone at regular intervals (from monthly to every six months) to discuss upcoming topics for articles and collect information/quotes from you and/or your knowledgeable staff
    • Secondary information provided from my own research on the topics
    • All articles emailed to you in advance of posting for approval, along with a list of keywords the article includes
    • (Optional) Using the article to create and schedule posts for your social media accounts
  • SEO training for your on-staff content creators

Other content creation services

  • Search engine optimized copy for website pages
  • Search engine optimized copy for online store products or services
  • Writing case studies for a website portfolio or “Past Work” section
  • E-books, resources and checklists to offer to potential clients
  • E-newsletter template design
  • E-newsletter writing (ongoing)
  • Social media content creation and management