SEO Copywriting

You’re the expert at what you do—but how do you put that into words?

As a copywriter, I work with you to create engaging text that captures your voice and expertise. You’ll know the copy is the right fit when it speaks to your clients and their needs in a way that sounds true to your company and brand.

I provide professional and SEO copywriting for projects including:

  • Website pages
  • Blogs and ongoing content (including ghostwriting)
  • Website SEO-specific copywriting for metadata and alt text
  • Company brochures, pamphlets and other print documents
  • Online store product descriptions
  • Email newsletters and campaigns

Where does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) come in?

All copy written for web should be optimized for search engines, to boost your site’s ranking on Google.

Fortunately, a large part of SEO is creating content that’s good for readers. Search engines like Google measure “readability” by looking at a number of factors. For example, the reading level of the copy: could a Grade 8 student understand your text, or is it at a university level? 

Search engines also decide how “readable” your text is based on the length of your sentences and paragraphs. After all, no matter how great the writing is, no one wants to read a huge wall of text!

Google also tries to gage how engaging your copy is by measuring how long people spend on each page of your website. If people tend to spend a minute or two on a page, Google can tell the content is valuable. But if most people leave after a few seconds? Not such great content, Google assumes.

SEO copywriting: art and science

SEO copywriting requires a combination of skills in writing, marketing and web development. It needs someone who can write captivating client-focused copy, while still taking the technical aspects into account.

SEO is also a moving target. As search engines change their algorithms, businesses need to adapt their focus and strategy.

In 2001, for example, SEO focused on keyword stuffing—trying to cram a keyword onto your page as often as possible. I didn’t make for great reading:

Are you looking for dandruff shampoo? We are the leading dandruff shampoo company in the world, with many types of dandruff shampoo for all your dandruff shampoo needs. As dandruff shampoo experts, we know the best dandruff shampoo is a dandruff shampoo containing specific ingredients. That’s why our dandruff shampoo is made of highly selected dandruff shampoo components to provide you with dandruff shampoo that outperforms all other dandruff shampoo.

Fortunately, search engines today focus more on the quality of content than on keywords.

However, there are still technical, behind-the-scenes factors that need to be considered for SEO. These factors include bits of extra text written specifically for search engines and screen readers, like metadata and alt text.

And keywords are still crucial—you just need to use them, not abuse them. An SEO copywriter can help by researching which keywords are best for you and using them properly to boost your ranking.

Questions about SEO and SEO copywriting? Check out the posts I’ve written about these topics on my blog, or send me an email if you have questions or are interested in working together!