Web Design and Hosting

Whether you need a complete web design and hosting package, a redesign of your old site or a few changes to your existing site, I’m here to help!

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Designing a new website

All of my full websites include:

  • Responsive design, so your website will display properly across desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Fully accessible design, so that people with disabilities and/or people who use screen readers can use your site. 
  • Fully custom website, coded with HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and/or jQuery, not a visual page builder
  • At least two stock photos
  • You own the full rights to your website; in the case of static (non-WordPress) sites, you will receive a digital backup copy of your site
  • Updates and support for WordPress and any plugins for one year

Personal/Professional Portfolio

For entrepreneurs who want a website to show off their portfolio and let potential followers/customers know how to get in touch. Perfect for freelancers, consultants, photographers, artists and writers.

Possible features include:

  • WordPress Content Management System that lets you log in and easily update your website and add new content
  • Contact form that allows customers to email you inquiries from your website
  • Blog or What’s New section you can update yourself
  • Photo gallery you can add/remove photos to yourself
  • Portfolio with custom template, to display your projects the way you want, with the information you want.
  • Instagram feed preview

Business Website

For small business owners who need a website to promote their services and make it easy for potential customers to reach them. Perfect for tradespeople, psychotherapists, lawyers, stores and restaurants.

Possible features include:

  • WordPress Content Management System that lets you log in and easily update your website and add new content
  • Contact form that allows customers to email you inquiries from your website
  • Blog or What’s New section you can update yourself
  • Photo gallery to which you can add/remove photos
  • Testimonial page, section or slider
  • E-newsletter sign-up form
  • An online store with a shipping cost calculator

Small Business Website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For those who want to make their SEO/Google ranking a priority. This package can include any/all options from the Personal/Professional Portfolio or Business Website package, plus:

  • Writing of all website copy, optimized for search engines
  • Blog or What’s New section for ongoing SEO-boosting content creation. If you don’t already have an ongoing content creator, this is also a service I offer.
  • Integration with Google Analytics for you to keep an eye on your web traffic

*Unfortunately, some WordPress plugins within the site (like contact forms or Instagram feeds) may not allow access to settings to optimize them for seach engines.

Help with an existing website

I often work with clients who are happy with their existing web design and hosting, but would like to add a new section or feature. This could include:

  • Redesigning one part of the website, like the front page or contact section
  • Adding a WordPress or custom interface that makes it easy to log in and update the website without needing to know HTML/CSS or hire a web developer
  • Changing the images, colours or font
  • Fixing small problems like broken links or images, or weird characters like these �
  • Adding a new feature like a contact form, blog or Instagram feed preview

Eco-friendly web hosting & domain names

Who this is for: People launching their first website, who don’t already have a domain name or web hosting space to go with their design; or people who would like to switch website hosting providers to get better service and/or features.

  • Domain name and web hosting (annual or monthly payments)
  • Web hosting through GreenGeeks, an eco-friendly company that puts back 3x the energy it uses in the form of renewable energy
  • Unlimited email addresses (can be connected to work with your existing email client—no need to log in to a separate account, unless you want to)
  • Secure connection with Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL (so visitors will see “Secure” instead of “Not Secure” in their browser bar when they visit your site)

Already have your own hosting or domain name? Not a problem! I have experience setting up sites on many other hosting companies, including GoDaddy, HostGator, Netfirms and WP Engine.

What’s the process?

  1. We’ll schedule an in-person or phone meeting to discuss your website needs. I can answer any questions and make recommendations based on your business, plus provide options to give you the most value.
  2. I’ll take my notes and use them to write out a full description of your proposed website and a quote. If there are multiple options you’re still considering, I can provide multiple quotes. My quotes expire after one month; if a contract isn’t signed within one month of a project being quoted, a new quote may need to be provided.
  3. When you’re happy with my design proposal and quote and would like to move forward, I’ll send you a contract for the project. Once you send me a signed copy of the contract and the initial two-thirds payment for the project, I can get to work on your new site.
  4. Our contract will include a schedule, including timelines for:
    1. me to build the first draft of your website and get it live
    2. you to play around with the site, log into the user interface, try making updates, etc.
    3. you to submit a list of changes for me to make to the site and/or interface
    4. me to make those changes and get the final version of your site live
  5. If you need web hosting, I’ll ask you to purchase it from my reseller site shortly before the web design is ready to go live.
  6. Once the final version of the site is live and everyone’s happy:
    1. I’ll send you an invoice for the final one-third payment
    2. When I receive the final payment, I’ll send you the admin login to your WordPress site or a digital backup copy of your non-WordPress site.